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Courtney Carbone

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About the Author

My Story

Courtney Carbone studied English and Creative Writing in the US and Australia before becoming a children's book writer and editor in New York City. Her favorite things include Brit Lit, trivia nights, board games, stand-up comedy, improv, bookstores, libraries, brick-oven pizza, salted-caramel macarons, theme parties, sharks, puns, portmanteaus, and '90s pop culture.

Critter Inn

Available on Epic! digital platform

At the Critter Inn, the Scurry chipmunk family and their feathered and furry friends are always right at home!

A Sweet Surprise

A Sweet Surprise (Critter Inn #1)

May 2020

The Scurry family is excited to meet creatures from all over the world during the Harvest Festival bake-off at the Critter Inn. But what will be the secret ingredient for the contest, and--more importantly--who will win?

Undersea Mystery Club

Books available from Simon & Schuster and Epic! digital platform

Dive into adventure with Violet the mermaid and Wally the narwhal as they go on adventures in their ocean home of Aquamarina! Undersea Mystery Club is a fun, inspiring series about curious friends who work together to uncover the truth—learning lots along the way! These early chapter books feature colorful illustrations on almost every page. They are perfect for kids 5-8, or anyone who loves to read about sea creatures and ocean life!

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Problem at the Playground (UMC #1)

It’s an exciting day in Aquamarina! The entire community has gathered for the opening of a new playground. But when the equipment falls apart because some of the pieces have vanished, it’s up to a mermaid named Violet and her best friend, Wally the narwhal, to solve the mystery of what happened.

After the adventure, explore fun facts about ocean science and civil engineering included at the back of the book!

Trouble with Treasure (UMC #2)

The Undersea Mystery Club is going on a treasure hunt! In Book 2 of the series, Violet and Wally discover an old chest hidden in a sea cavern. In order to uncover who put it there and why, they’ll have to figure out how to open its rusty lock!

Trouble with Treasure
The Puzzling Paintings

The Puzzling Paintings (UMC #3)

It’s the first day of school, and Violet can’t wait to see all of her friends. But after a mysterious blob of paint appears on the school building, Violet and her best friend Wally get to work looking for clues. Soon, the sleuths find themselves not only solving a mystery, but helping out the last person in Aquamarina they'd expect . . .


Dealing with Feelings Series

A series of early readers that teaches young children to identify their emotions and constructively address what they are feeling through mindfulness, breathing techniques, and positive actions


This Makes Me Jealous

An early reader about feeling jealousy
(Penguin Random House)

This Makes Me Scared

An early reader about overcoming fear
(Penguin Random House)


This Makes Me Silly

An early reader about having the sillies
(Penguin Random House)

This Makes Me Angry

An early reader about handling anger
(Penguin Random House)


This Makes Me Happy

An early reader about feeling joy
(Penguin Random House)

This Makes Me Sad

An early reader about handling sadness
(Penguin Random House)


OMG Classics Series


Greek Gods #squadgoals

An introduction to Greek Mythology for teens
(Penguin Random House)

Darcy Swipes Left

A modern adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice for teens

(Penguin Random House)


Macbeth #killingit

A modern adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth for teens

(Penguin Random House)

srsly Hamlet

A modern adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet for teens

(Penguin Random House)


“When I have a little money, I buy books;
and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.”


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